LUX Supramid

Pseudo-monofilament (multifilament with a monofilament appearance), supramid sutures have a twisted structure and are unique in that they are made of many fine inner nylon fibers which are enclosed in a smooth nylon outer shell. Ideal for skin closure, opthalmic surgery, vascular & cardiovascular surgery & neurosurgery.


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Supramid EP2 USP 3/0 100m, Supramid EP3 USP 2/0 100m, Supramid EP3.5 USP 0 100m, Supramid EP 4 USP 1 100m, Supramid EP5 USP 2 75m, Supramid EP6 USP 3&4 50m, Supramid EP7 USP 5 40m